Batch 5

Digital Transformation and AI for Business Leaders

Deepen your understanding of the strategies that drive digital transformation to lead your organisation's growth
  • IIML Executive Alumni Status
  • Three-day Immersion at IIML Campus
  • Guided Capstone Project by IIML
  • Live Sessions by CXOs and Digital Leaders
Work Experience

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At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… If they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.

-John Chambers, Former Executive Chairman, Cisco Systems

Every industry and every organization will have to transform itself in the next few years. What is coming at us is bigger than the original internet, and you need to understand it, get on board with it, and figure out how to transform your business.

- Tim O’Reilly, Founder & CEO O’Reilly Media

Who is this Programme for?

The Digital Transformation and AI Programme for Business Leaders is designed to help professionals with the strategic implementation of digital transformation and AI-enabled transformation. The programme will benefit Executives and Business Leaders from different business functions who are:

  • Experienced Executives, CXOs, and Business Leaders from established organizations seeking to enhance strategic acumen in digital transformation and AI to navigate disruption, leverage emerging technologies, and align business strategies with the evolving digital landscape.

  • Senior Managers and Team Leaders from tech-driven sectors seeking to enhance leadership skills in digital transformation and AI to implement strategic initiatives, understand economic aspects of digital business models, and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Consultants seeking to understand AI disruption, capitalize on emerging technologies for new opportunities, aiming to strategically position ventures in the digital age and execute strategies for sustainable growth.

Programme Highlights

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150+ Hours of Live Learning

LP - IIML-EPDT - Programme Highlights - IconText2 - Image

3-Day immersion at IIML

LP - IIML-EPDT - Programme Highlights - IconText3 - Image

Real-world case-based and simulation-based learning

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Programme design and delivery by IIML Faculty and Industry Experts

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Learn from Digital Leaders and CXOs

LP - IIML-EPDT - Programme Highlights - IconText7 - Image

Work on an encapsulating Capstone Project

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Network with Experienced Peers & Alumni

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Become a Digital and AI ready Leader

Learning Outcomes

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Master the building blocks of digital transformation at process, organization and industry level.

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Unravel the possibilities afforded by new technologies such as robotics and automation, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Understand platform businesses, the impact and opportunities of adopting platforms, and how to compete on platforms.

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Understand strategic drivers of digital transformation, the application of data and analytics, and its impact on business processes.

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Appreciate how AI-centric organizations are redefining the way they create, capture, share, and deliver value.

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Evaluate the strategic role of AI and how it is disrupting/transforming various industries/ companies.

IIM Lucknow Executive Alumni Status

Upon completion of the programme, participants will need to register with a one-time registration fee of INR 10,000 + GST to receive the prestigious IIM Lucknow Executive Alumni Status. The benefits include:

  • Executive Alumni status of the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

  • Receipt of all programme brochures and newsletters from IIM Lucknow (MDP Office)

  • Details of Souvenirs available with MDP office

  • Lifelong access to a network of distinguished IIM Lucknow Executive Alumni

  • Access to the IIM Lucknow Campus Library (onsite access)

  • 10% discount in fee for any additional program (Open program, Online) at IIM Lucknow (Lucknow and Noida campus)

  • 10% group discount on the fee for referring participants (minimum group of five)

Programme Modules


  • Modules/ topics are indicative only, and the suggested time and sequence may be dropped/ modified/ adapted to fit the total programme hours.

  • The primary mode of learning for this programme is via live online sessions with faculty members.

  • No session recording will be provided.

  • The in-campus modules are subject to the conditions/ unavoidable circumstances that prevail at the given point in time


The capstone project provides participants with an opportunity to apply their learnings from the programme including business model innovation and leveraging digital transformation cross-industry.It is a comprehensive project that participants will work in groups from conception to completion. At the end of the project, the participants will turn in their work and shall present to the programme directors and peers. In addition to the capstone project there would be 2-3 individual assignments based on simulations from A certificate of completion will be provided by Knolskape.

Programme Directors

LP - IIML-EPDT - Prof. Amit Agrahari - Image
Prof. Amit Agrahari

Associate Professor, Information Technology and Systems Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

Prof. Amit Agrahari teaches courses on digital transformation and Information Systems at the Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow. Before joining IIM Lucknow, he worked wit...

LP - IIML-EPDT - Prof. Ashwani Kumar - Image
Prof. Ashwani Kumar

Professor, Business Analytics and Information Systems Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

Dr. Ashwani Kumar is a Professor, Business Analytics and Information Systems at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. He has over twenty years of academic work-experienc...

Programme Faculty

LP - IIML-EPDT - Prof. D Tripati Rao - Image
Prof. D Tripati Rao

Professor, Economics and Business Environment Area, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow

Dr. D Tripati Rao is a Professor, Business Environment Area and has been teaching Macroeconomic Environment, Managerial Economics and International Economics for Business at I...

LP - IIML-EPDT - Laxminarayanan G - Image
Laxminarayanan G

Chief Strategy Officer of Vega HR and Global Delivery Head of Polestar Solutions

Laxminarayanan G is the Chief Strategy Officer of Vega HR and Global Delivery Head of Polestar Solutions. He is an experienced management consultant with extensive experience ...

LP - IIML-EPDT - Sridhar Srinivasan - Image
Sridhar Srinivasan

Consultant, Enterprise Transformation and Data Science

Dr. Sridhar Srinivasan is a Technology Practice Leader with over 25 years of experience in the IT Services industry. He has held leadership positions at Wipro, Brillio, and Wi...

LP - IIML-EPDT - Gunvansh Singh Khanna - Image
Gunvansh Singh Khanna

Director of AI/ML Product Analytics, Oracle Inc.

Gunvansh is a seasoned Product and Digital Transformation Leader who focuses on forging product vision, strategy, road map, requirements, oversee outcome driven development fr...

Participant Testimonials

The programme has been a great experience of learning, collaboration and implementation. The momentum was set on the day 1 and with each class it only got more immersive - focusing on peer learning, d...
LP - IIML-EPDT - Manish Raj - Image
Manish Raj
Head - Strategy & Growth Lithium Urban Technologies
It is a great programme which gives an exhaustive overview of how to run the digital transformation exercise for any incumbent organisation and to understand what suits them best, and customise it lik...
LP - IIML-EPDT - Mayank Awasthi - Image
Mayank Awasthi
Chief Growth Officer BootLabs
Digital Transformation, a multi-faceted and diffused journey today has triggered the organisations to reflect upon their strategy and positioning in the customer-centric ecosystem. The 10-month long E...
LP - IIML-EPDT - Surabhi Mittal - Image
Surabhi Mittal
Senior Solution Advisor SAP India
Programme Certificate

Programme Certificate

On successful completion of the programme, with a minimum 75% attendance and COPM (Cumulative Overall Percentage of Marks) of 50% and above, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion. If a participant doesn’t fulfil the attendance criteria, then he/she will be given a Certificate of Participation from IIM Lucknow. If a participant has less than 40% attendance, no certificate will be awarded.

Note: All certificate images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of IIM Lucknow.

Past Participant Profiles

Work Experience
LP - IIML-EPDT - Work Experience - Image
Top Industries
  • Consulting

  • Manufacturing

  • IT & Services

  • BFSI

  • Others*

*Others include FMCG, Media, Education, etc.

Top Functions
  • Management

  • Information Systems

  • Operations

  • Consulting

  • Others#

#Others include Marketing, Sales, Engineering, HR etc.

Past participants of Emeritus work at

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Emeritus Career Services


15 Recorded sessions and resources in the following categories:

(Please note: These sessions are not live):

  • Resume & Cover Letter

  • Navigating Job Search

  • Interview Preparation

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Please Note -

  • IIM Lucknow or Emeritus do NOT promise or guarantee a job or progression in your current job. Career Services is only offered as a service that empowers you to manage your career proactively. The Career Services mentioned here are offered by Emeritus. IIM Lucknow is NOT involved in any way and makes no commitments regarding the Career Services mentioned here.

Pay Later - Finance Options

Programme Fee

Maximum Loan Amount Available

Tenure (months)


INR 3,84,000 + GST

INR 4,30,464


INR 15,915


  • The above EMI's are indicative. The EMI's offered by each of the loan providers might vary from the above figures, depending upon tenure and loan amount to be disbursed.

  • Other EMI tenures available (Months):

    Propelld: 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48

The Learning Experience

More than 300,000 professionals globally, across 200 countries, have chosen to advance their skills with Emeritus and its educational learning partners. In fact, 90 percent of the respondents of a recent survey across all our programs said that their learning outcomes were met or exceeded. All the contents of the course would be made available to students at the commencement of the course. However, to ensure the program delivers the desired learning outcomes, the students may appoint Emeritus to manage the delivery of the program in a cohort-based manner during the course period the cost of which is already included in the overall Course fee of the course.

A dedicated program support team is available 7 days a week to answer questions about the learning platform, technical issues, or anything else that may affect your learning experience.

Early registrations are encouraged. Seats fill up quickly!

Flexible payment options available.

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